Day 21, 3 December, Change in Plans

The picture below pretty well tells the story.  We have heavy rain forecast for the area through Monday and probably will have water in low laying areas for awhile afterwards.  Our options include waiting until at least Monday to get going again, leap forward beyond the rain and work backwards, or call it quits.  In checking weather conditions along our route we need to get within 3 days of St Augustine to find dry conditions again, and that’s what we’ll do.  As soon as we can travel we’ll be on our way to Gretna FL to bike to St Augustine, then turn around and work backwards from Gretna.  Good news is I’ll get a day of rest, even if it means sitting in the truck for 11 hours.

Why this approach?  We have several pressures on our schedule.  First, Louise’s mom was entered into Hospice care this week (for the third time), so we are already prepared to scrap the remainder of the trip if her condition dictates.  We’ve already decided we’re traveling back home via Tucson so we can see her for a day or two, which means added days to our return plan.  Second, we have to be back to Camas WA by 25 Dec to meet our son at the airport, who is visiting for Christmas.  At over 3000 miles from FL to WA we’ll be tight getting back in time if we delay waiting on the weather.  So, we think our plan is proactive and gives us a chance to complete the journey, even if it is a bit unorthodox. Keep Louise’s mom in your prayers.  Thanks!